Friday, July 16, 2021

Online Chess Course

Online Chess Course:-

Test your Level:- Endgame VII @645pm-815pm Sunday 18 Jul 2021

There will be questions and students need to answer in google form. Questions will be from different theme on chess endings. Students will be guided how to think and react. Thinking with logic is the most important element in chess and in life too. As I can see most students has greatly improved from previous "Opening Repertoire Course". Therefore, it is time for Endgame Understanding. It's good one understands chess positions but most importantly one should know how to proceed (young kid will be on his own one day. He has to be independent in thinking is good and bad. It's good if one can evaluate and think smartly/correctly. Once you faced problems, you have to overcome them rather to avoid. This is why certain kids reluctant to do chess puzzles on their own but need guidance). This is the course for you as to know what you are looking for. There will be 10 sessions for this Test your Level Course. Upon completion of the course, certificate of participation/achievement will be issued.  

Google meet will be given to students who joined (every Sunday same link if you have joined before). link will be given for the study (you can always log in any time to check the studies you have joined before.

Fees to join:-

IMA (Intelligent Minds Academy) members RM75 per session (RM650 for 10 sessions & no replacement if absent)

non-IMA member RM150 per session (RM1400 for 10 sessions & no replacement if absent)

*For top 5 winners in IMA weekly from 12-17Jul 2021 (so far IMA has organized 491 tournaments since lockdown until today), fees to pay to join the above course below:-

1st placing - fees to pay RM10

2nd placing - fees to pay RM20

3rd placing - fees to pay RM30

4th placing - fees to pay RM40

5th placing - fees to pay RM50

For those who paid earlier or even lump sum (10 sessions), the extra amount will be carried forward for next analysis course or refunded if you are in top 5 in weekly standings.  If you are interested to join but can't make it at specified time, you can still join this course as shared video link will be given to watch what I have taught and explained.

Any enquiries, pls email to or WhatsApp 0162233536 or fb ID

To join the membership, please click the link

Thursday, March 31, 2011

DGT Press Release

clip_image002Digital Game Technology BV

Hengelosestraat 66

7514 AJ Enschede

Telefoon 053 4305195

Request for publication

Live Chess Games on Facebook and Twitter ?!

Enschede, March 30, 2011

Chess tournaments, big and small, use the DGT e-boards and software for live broadcasting of chess games over the internet, trying to reach the chess fans all over the world.

Currently DGT is investigating the possibilities to broaden the options for live broadcasting by developing applications for Facebook and Twitter.

To get more insight in the preferences of chess fans and requirements for such an application, a small survey has been put on the internet.

You can find it at:

DGT is looking for 500 chess fans to cooperate in this survey.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

MarCh HoLiday Chess CaMP...All Chess LoVers Are Welcome






(Camper's name will be printed on the cover of the module)

please click here for registration form

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thank You SiR ~~~

HaPpy HappY HApPy~ ~ ~

Naib Johan Individu Lelaki Bawah 18 tahun
MSSD GomBak 2010

Happy Smiley Faces With IM MoK

Johan Kumpulan Lelaki Bawah 18 tahun
MSSD Gombak 2010

Johan Kumpulan Perempuan Bawah 18 tahun
MSSD Gombak 2010

Thank You Sir~~~

We Will Try Harder and play Better

IM Mok and His ChESs Students From SMK HiLLcrEST